Berkeley Student District Campaign members

Who Are We?

We are the Berkeley Student District Campaign, a coalition of progressive students and community members who support drawing a student district for Berkeley City Council.

Right now, students don’t have a voice in the city because the City Council districts are gerrymandered to split up our community. To give students a voice, we’re undoing this gerrymandering and drawing a Student District for Berkeley City Council. Just as every other neighborhood has a district that represents them, the student neighborhood should have one too.



This coalition began when Joey Freeman ran for ASUC Vice President of External Affairs in 2011 on the platform of giving students the voice they deserve in Berkeley. He won his election and immediately began fulfilling his campaign promise.

Freeman built a coalition of elected officials, ASUC Senators, student group leaders, and community leaders. One coalition partner was ASUC Senator Shahryar Abbasi, and in 2012 Abbasi ran for ASUC Vice President of External Affairs on the platform of continuing the work Freeman started. He was successfully elected to serve for the 2012-2013 year.

Our coalition started with ASUC EAVP’s office under Freeman and now has the endorsement of many student and community organizations.